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The advantages and disadvantages of CNC machine tools and the development of the

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CNC machine tools as the defense industry's strategic equipment, is the most important manufacturing tools of all kinds of weapons and equipment, is an important guarantee for the modernization of national defense and military equipment. A lot of times, the NC machine tool is also called "machining center" ". Since its appearance, the numerical control machining machine tool has brought revolutionary changes to the mechanical manufacturing industry.

CNC machine tools in many ways to follow the basic principles of the same process. But because of the special function of the automatic tool changing, the NC machining process has its own characteristics. The advantages and disadvantages of the small series of Chinese machine tool business network from the processing center are analyzed in two aspects.

The advantages of CNC machine tools are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, the production efficiency of CNC machining tools. Can not only save crossed, intermediate inspection work, and because it has the auto tool change function, often omits the complex tooling, reduction of processing parts of the installation, adjustment and multiple knife and other relatively complex and tedious work. The processing center can choose the best processing route and the cutting quantity, which can effectively reduce the auxiliary time in the process, thus the production efficiency can be improved.


Second, machining accuracy of CNC machining tools, processing quality and stability. Machining centers with automatic tool change function, can very effectively reduce workpiece clamping times, reduce or eliminate the positioning error due to the multiple clamping, high machining accuracy. When parts of various parts of the position accuracy requirement is high, machining center has automatically change the knife features, can be very convenient and effective to reduce the positioning and tool setting error, in a fixture and disposable knife completed in various parts of the processing, to ensure the position accuracy of the various parts of the processing requirements.

Third, CNC machining machine adaptability, good flexibility. Machining center can conveniently realize of box type parts of drilling, reaming, reaming, boring, tapping pile pattern, different end milling and dredging multi-channel processes. Therefore, contour shape is particularly complex or difficult to control the size of parts, such as fan blades, a car engine box and other parts. Able to process complex curved parts and complex 3D surface parts.

Fourth, to improve the economic benefit, a NC machine tools, focused on the functions of milling machine, drilling machine, tapping machine teeth and a variety of equipment, it can reduce the number of machine tool enterprises, because a person can operate a plurality of processing centers, reducing the workers to operate, artificial cost is correspondingly reduced; also has a CNC machining center, the specific performance of the enterprise strength is, contributed to the increase of more traffic, so as to improve the economic benefit.

Everything has two sides, NC machine tool also has shortcomings, mainly in: supporting the processing center fixture stiffness and machining center of rigidity and accuracy retention requirements are very high; machining center technology complex, the use, maintenance, management requirements is high; machining center one-time investment large, need to configure other assistive devices, such as CNC tool system.

From the above two aspects of the investigation, in the purchase of CNC machine tools, consumers must pay attention to the choice of large, strong, and services to protect the production units, so that the quality of products can be guaranteed.

NC machine tool is a high degree of mechanical and electrical integration products, applicable to the processing of multi varieties and small batch parts, structure is complex, high precision parts that require frequent modification of parts, expensive and does not allow scrapped the key parts, parts of precision replication, to shorten the production cycle of the needed parts and require 100% inspection of the parts. CNC machine tools to the excellence of the flexible automation performance, excellent and stable precision, agile and diverse functions caused worldwide attention. It opened the machinery products to the development of mechanical and electrical integration precedent. Therefore, numerical control technology has become a core technology in advanced manufacturing technology. The characteristics and application scope of CNC machine tools make it become an important equipment for the development of national economy and national defense construction.

In recent years, China's furniture and woodworking machinery industry has made rapid development, but in the field of high-end products, domestic equipment the variety, quality, reliability, delivery period and pre-sales and after-sales service etc. are still relatively backward, is still unable to meet the huge market demand. At present, our country is in the high technology and advanced applicable technologies to transform and upgrade the traditional furniture industry, with construction of informatization promotion our country furniture manufacturing industry competitiveness of the key historical period, as a typical key technology for manufacturing, equipment information, it is very important to study the application of high-end home and wood products processing equipment.

China as a manufacturing power, mainly rely on labor, price, resources and other aspects of comparative advantage, and in the product of technological innovation and independent development of the gap with foreign counterparts is also great. China's CNC machine tool industry can not be satisfied with the status quo, should seize the opportunity to continue development, efforts to develop its own advanced technology, increase the intensity of technological innovation and personnel training, improve enterprise integrated service capabilities, to shorten the gap with the developed countries. Strive for the early realization of the transformation of CNC machine tool products from low-end to high-end, from the processing of primary products to sophisticated products manufacturing, from China made in China "to" created in China, from a big manufacturing country to shift manufacturing power.


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